Touching Up On Your “Bro”manctionary – One Word at a Time.

July 22, 2009 - by Admin · Filed Under General 5 Comments 

I got passed along a pretty funny email about how men have been recently proclaiming their so-called “bromances” with one another through the gift silly words with the word “BRO” in it.  You know, it never ceases to amaze me just how far the human mind stretches when it comes to things like this, so I’m obviously compelled to share such things when they come to light right in front of me!

Personally, I don’t think this bromance phenomenon caught on too much until the hit movie “I Love You, Man” was released a few months back.  The flick, which starred Paul Rudd as an overachieving realtor who came to the painful realization he needed more  guy friends in his life, would use such funny one-liner “bro”-isms as Bro Montana and Tico Brohay throughout the film as he went on a series of ever-compelling “man dates” to find his one tru BRO-mate, lol.

I for one didn’t think too much of these words until I got this  in my Inbox with a few of the top current Bro-isms that are out there – and simply put – I was both amazed and surprised at just how many words you can flip around and make humorous just by adding a little Bro-spice, haha.  So amazed actually that I had to add a few more to the list and get it out there for my male base – which hopefully will grow a little bit more as the months go bye *wink wink* (what do I gotta do?  Post a peeping Tom video like Erin Andrews has out right now?! Ha.).  Anyways thoug, if you’re looking to laugh a little – or maybe if you’re  just looking to have a an added arsenal of “BRO” words to say to your fellow compadres – then check out this fun list that’s been compiled below – just for you BOYS.  Oh and if you’re looking for some sexy poker bonuses or even just a solid rakeback deal – check out our partner sites in this article!

Broseph Stalin
Angelina Brolie
Brohan Santana
Brobi Wan Kenobi
Bro Chi Minh
Nabroleon Bronaparte
Evander BROlifield
Terrell Browens
Tony Bromo
Pete Brose
Alexander Brovechkin
Bro Jackson
Vincent Van Bro
Bromer Simpson
Marco Brolo
Mr. BROjangles
Bro Diddley
Brosie O’Donnell
Brohammed Ali
Bro J. Simpson
BROgi Berra
Edgar Allan Bro
Bro Biden
Brommander In Chief
Bro the Plumber
Ayatollah Bromeini
Dan Maribro
Brocoa Crisp

5 Responses to “Touching Up On Your “Bro”manctionary – One Word at a Time.”

  1. Deez says:

    you forgot bromosexual

  2. matt says:

    jorge brosada

  3. matt says:

    aj bronett

  4. matt says:

    ichiBRO suzuki

  5. Joe says:

    Bromo Arigato Mr. Roboto?

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